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Foot Health Care & Spiritual Wellbeing

Mobile Foot Health Care, Holistic & Spiritual Wellbeing in the comfort of your Home.
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Booklets available in pdf format.
Also available as a workshop on a 1-1 or small group basis (face to face or online)

Self Care Booklets & Workshops

Booklets are offered in pdf format.
1-1 or small group workshops available in person or online.


The ultimate stress buster that will open the door for you to take control of your mind body and soul wellbeing.........

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Here are some Reiki Training Options for me and we can discuss your individual needs.....Reiki is a journey......we can plan your journey around lifestyles.........


4 years ago
First ever reiki session with Chris a few weeks ago......I found him to be very knowledgeable and he explained everything to me and gave me follow-up information. The session itself was brilliant.....I was made to feel very comfortable and relaxed....... Would highly recommend.
- Wendy F
4 years ago
Brilliant therapist, so knowledgeable and intuitive. Feel amazing after each treatment, both Reiki and Reflexology. Highly recommend!
- Valerie S
3 years ago
I completed my Reiki 1 training with Chris, he is a wonderfully intuitive therapist and an inspirational teacher.
- Joanne C


                         …. Balance  ….Harmony  ….  Wellbeing   ….

CV Holistic Therapies is owned and operated by Chris Vickers a Registered Foot Health Practitioner, Clinical Reflexologist and Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual and Psychic Practitioner, and  former Mental Health Nurse. 

I offer a mobile visiting service supporting today's hectic lifestyles. Sessions can be early morning / evening / weekends, depending on availability. 

Balance, Harmony and Wellbeing...three words that describe my ethos. My commitment is to support you to achieve this. I offer a range of therapies that are suited to all genders and cultural 


Foot Health Care is offered in the comfort of your home or workplace. My ethos is to take my time, you will not be offered a rushed 30 minute slot, I believe in  "finishing the job" and each session has 50 minutes allocated should you need this time. As a Registered Foot Health Practitioner (SAC. Dip. (RFHP), services offered include:

  • Free foot health care assessment on all visits.
  • Visits in the comfort of your home / care home. 
  • Support and advice with managing diabetic feet, Verruca s, athlete’s foot and fungal nails. 
  • Routine maintenance foot care includes nail cutting and trimming, thick nail management, corn removal, callus reduction. 
  • Corporate Foot Health Care can be provided in the work environment.
  • Standard fee is £27 per visit.  Distances outside a 6 mile radius of Shepshed (Leics) are charged at £30 per visit. 
  • Reduced rates are available for Couples or 2 people having a treatment in one location, 
  • Care Home  / Social Care / Community Organisation Visits, and Community Groups (5-10  people). With a background in Mental Health Nursing I am able of offer a flexible meaningful person centred approach. 


I offer Spiritual Wellbeing Services aimed at helping you to balance your Mind Body and Soul / Spirit. Using Intuition, Divine Healing Energy (Reiki) and Mediumship Skills of Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, and Claircognizance. 

We all have free will and the ability to manage and change our personal growth and wellbeing. I offer a honest approach to help you balance information to make your lifestyle choices, and take control of your health. 


Having its roots in traditional Japanese culture, Reiki is a gentle positive energy therapy that supports you to balance your wellbeing. Offered fully clothed in a reclined or seated position. Hands are placed on or above specific areas of the body (most commonly the chakra points). Reiki can be offered exclusively via feet, or just the head and shoulders to support your privacy and dignity.


As a Reiki Master Teacher I offer: Reiki 1, Reiki 2 , combined Reiki 1&2, Master / Teacher Training. My approach to reiki training keeps true to the founding principles set by Maiko Usui. Western Attunements & Japanese Reiju Empowerment’s are offered. Face to face  and blended remote training is available.


Our special companions (animals) provide us with unconditional love and support. They too can get tired and stressed....Reiki can help them realign and re-energise themselves. It can be useful to have joint sessions with you and your companion (in person or distant healing). Special packages available reducing the cost of therapy for you both...


Reiki has a remarkable ability to be able to work across time and space. Reiki can be offered remotely to you personally or to support you in a specific activity (exam, interview, meeting etc). Distant Reiki needs to be paid for in advance of the session taking place. Reiki can be offered to specific spaces such as your house or work environment. This is a form of cleansing to support positive energy and vibes. 


Reflexology Techniques and Reiki through the feet is a great combination to try. This specialist routine called "Reiki-Podyand offered exclusively via the feet. It combines Reiki, specialist Reflexology techniques, Solestry, Chakra Balancing and gentle energetic touch. This specialised approach supports your internal harmony. 


Reiki - Pody Training is available to any Reiki Practitioner from any Lineage who has completed their Reiki 1 Training. This approach is an ideal addition to your skill set and helps to balance and empower the Mind Body Soul Wellbeing Triangle for your Clients. 


From time to time we all need some guidance when we are faced with making decisions. Tarot and Angel Oracle Cards are powerful tools that can give you a different perspective and insight into your situation. 

The cards will not give you a “yes” or “no” answer, but provide you with options that are personal to you, supporting you to make your decisions.   

The law of attraction means the right cards are chosen by / for you at any particular time.   Your reading can focus on a specific question you may have,  or it can be  more open-ended, for a general aspect of life – I do not need to know what your question is.  

A reading can be an effective method of tuning into the subconscious thoughts, emotions and your personal healing or gut feelings  that can also serve guidance

You have free will to take on board these suggestions or not. 

I use my spiritual instinct with Reiki and Crystals to offer my honest interpretation of the cards drawn for you. 

I offer"

  •  Face to Face readings within your home.
  • Email Readings.
  • FaceTime Readings.
  • Small groups of 4 for your own "party". 
You need to give informed consent before any reading can be offered. 
In accordance with UK law, tarot and oracle card readings are for entertainment purposes only. I can give a clear description of the cards that are chosen, and my interpretation of these from my connection with the angelic realm. I am unable to offer any emotional spiritual or health advice. You have the free will to make your decisions based on what is right for you.


Chakra and Aura cleanse uses Crystal Therapy and Reiki. Crystal Healing restores wellbeing and is known to help with many issues such as anxiety, stress, it gives a boost to immunity, and treats you as an Individual. 

During your treatment you will be fully clothed and offered a dignity blanket to place over you, specific crystals will be placed on your chakra points and in your aura. To make this a true “energy fest” Reiki is offered to support and work with the crystals, if you choose sound healing can be added at the end to enhance the vibrations


Personal, work, and global events can contribute to the build up of stress and anxiety.  I am able to offer mindfulness and meditation either individually or combined on an individual or group basis. 

We are all made up off energy and our internal energy balance means we have more positive health and wellbeing. The following therapies are offered to support this, whilst not technically Spiritual Services they work on balancing your Mind Body and Soul / Spirit and have been used for millennia by ancient civilisations.


Ear Candling is sometimes referred to as Thermo-Auricular Therapy or Thermal Auricular Therapy. Hopi Ear Candles have been used through the ages by the North and South American natives, Egyptian, African, Oriental and European cultures.

A natural holistic therapy, it is safe for the elderly and young children (however, children need to be able to keep very still).  The heat from the candle eases pain and discomfort in the ear.  The ingredients impregnated in the cotton vaporise and are drawn down the hollow centre of the candle via a 'chimney effect'.  

Both ears must be treated, and the treatment takes approximately 45 minutes. A relaxing lymphatic drainage facial massage is offered before and after the candle treatment. Reiki is also offered to the head / shoulder if you choose during the treatment. 

Hopi Ear Candles can be used if you are living with:·       

  • Excess or compacted ear wax·    
  • Headaches and Migraine·       
  • Hay fever/Rhinitis·       
  • Sinusitis·       
  • Neuralgia·       
  • Tinnitus·       
  • Helps recovery from a cold or 'flu, or simply to de-stress and clear the head. ·       

A lot of people have this treatment before going on holiday, as it is also effective before going on an aeroplane journey.

When Ear Candles CAN NOT be used:

  • If the ear drum is perforated·     
  • If grommets or other such drainage devices are in place in the eardrum·      
  • If the outer ear is infected or inflamed·      
  • If you are allergic to any of the candle ingredients·     
  • If antibiotics are being taken for an ear, nose or throat problem·     
  • If root canal or other dental work has left the face sore·      
  • If a cochlea implant is in place.


A mixture of Indian and Japanese techniques to support stress. Works on acupressure and lymphatic areas. Can help reduce the signs of ageing. Wonderful when combined with Reiki.

INDIAN HEAD Massage includes: massage to neck, shoulders, scalp and head with gentle acupressure drainage for the face. Helps reduce stress, headaches and promotes sleep.


I am a Level 5 trained Clinical Reflexologist. I only offer limited Reflexology sessions. Please email me and we can discuss your needs

All of the above therapies can be delivered on their own or be combined to achieve your personal balance, harmony and wellbeing.

I am a member of The Reiki Healing Association, the Guild of Holistic Therapist, and membership of the Register for Foot Health Practitioners. I have an Enhanced DBS (Update Service), and certification / registration with the Information Commissioner's Office. 


£1 Card Processing Fee applies to these payments. .

  • Booking an appointment constitutes your verbal agreement / contract to purchase services offered by CV Holistic Therapies. 24 hours’ cancellation notice is required for all appointments. In some cases, a £20 non-refundable deposit will be required when cancellation of appointments has occurred regularly.
  • Appointments NOT ATTENDED, including not being at home for a pre-arranged appointments will result in an invoice and the Client is liable for FULL payment of the booked treatment cost.
  • CV Holistic Therapies have the right to refuse to offer a therapy / service where it is felt to be non therapeutic for either Client or Practitioner.
  • Refunds for treatments are NOT offered.

  • Remains £27 for a single treatment or £50 for 2 people having treatment together within a 6-mile radius of Shepshed (Leics).
  • £30 for distances outside a 6-mile radius of Shepshed (Leics). 

HOLISTIC THERAPIES - including Reiki - Body·     
  •  £40 for a single treatment within a 6-mile radius of Shepshed (Leics).·    
  • £50 for distances outside a 6-mile radius of Shepshed (Leics). 

  • Foot Health Care & Holistic Therapies £60.·      
  • Two combined Holistic Therapies £60. 

  • Reiki Face to Face for People £40.·      
  • Reiki Face to Face for Animals £30.·      
  • Distance Reiki £25 .·      
  • Crystal Healing / Aura Cleansing £40.·      
  • Spiritual Card Reading from £20 fro email readings and £30 face to face / video.

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